Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cardinals Game

Last night we went to the Cardinals game because my parents' god child and our little neighbor Janie was throwing out the first pitch! She did so great and threw a good pitch! She was all excited and right when she got home from school started practicing in the yard-she really didn't even seem that nervous. It was a great, chilly game and we WON! Woohoo! Thats always good!

Janie's parents and my parents--been great friends for almost 20 years!

My parents with their godchild, Janie.
(Or as she calls them "Tim and Lala")

Janie and myself-wish the picture was better!
(This proves how short I am-shes 8 and I'm 23 & not growing! HA!)


  1. That's fantastic - great job Janie!

  2. Janie must have some long legs! Great pictures of your parents too, I enjoyed seeing them! Sounds like fun! I'll email tonight probably, gotta watch BL too...had a meeting today and was gone yesterday. Miss you! PS How'd Janie get to throw out the 1st pitch?

  3. I love going to see a good baseball game and that is so cute that Janie was throwing out the first pitch! The pic of you and her is too cute :) It looks like you had a great view of everything!